RECITAL: Under the BDC

Saturday, June 15, 2024 * 10am and 2pm * Iroquois Middle School

General Info:

  • Our recital is split into two shows.  Twirl & Tumble, Pre-Dance, Pre Hip Hop, Pre Acro classes will perform in the morning show along with all solos and duets.  All mini, junior and teen group numbers will perform in the afternoon show.  A few selected numbers of our competition team dancers may be asked to perform in both shows.
  • Call time for dancers in our 10am show is 9:30am the day of the show.  Dancers should come dressed in costume with hair done and make-up applied. Please have your dancers(s) wear a cover-up such as a bathrobe or large button down shirt over their costume.  Also, be sure your dancer(s) bring their shoes and any accessories with them. Please do not wear dance shoes outdoors.  No underwear, jewelry or nail polish.
  • One parent should escort dancers to the dressing room area (Gym) to check in.  For parents of our young dancers, a bracelet with your child’s name will be given to you at this time.  You must be wearing the wristband to pick up your child after the show.
  • Call time for dancers in our 2pm show is 1:00 pm.  These dancers should not wear their costumes although hair and make-up should be done.  Please bring all costumes, shoes and accessories to the dressing area. No underwear, jewelry or nail polish.
  • Please be sure names are written in all shoes, bags, coats, etc.
  • Parents are not allowed in the dressing room areas or backstage other than volunteers. No men under any circumstances.  Each class has a designated volunteer to help with any costume changes, escorting dancers to the stage and supervising them before and after the performance.
  • Dancers will remain backstage for the entire show.  A finale will be performed in which all of our dancers return to the stage for a final bow.
  • We encourage and expect all audience members to stay for the duration of the show.  The morning show will run approximately 2 hours and the afternoon show will be approximately 2 and a half hours. The house will open 30 minutes before each show time. There is one10 minute intermission in our afternoon show.
  • We will provide coloring books and crayons for our young dancers.  You may want to pack a book or game.  Please avoid markers or anything that would stain your child’s hands, face or costume.  Please avoid bringing anything of high value.
  • You may also want to pack a water bottle.  Again, please avoid packing any food or drinks that may stain your child’s hands, face or costume.

Hair and Make-Up:

  • Stage make-up and proper hairstyles should be worn for both the dress rehearsal and show. We do not require students to wear make-up however, the bright stage lights can wash out faces. BOYS DO NOT NEED TO WEAR MAKE UP. You have received an information sheet with your costume that will include details regarding tights, shoes, hair and any other class specific info. Tights, hair accessories and make-up kits can be purchased in our studio dance shop.
  • Foundation and pressed powder to match skin tone
  • Powder blush in rose shade
  • Earth-toned eye shadow
  • Pink or rose shades of lip color
  • Black mascara and eyeliner

T&T hair half up, Pre Combo high bun, Pre Acro/Hip Hop high pony. All mini, jr and teen girls are wearing a low bun with a middle part. Please see our hair and make-up how to videos on

Cameras and Videotaping

  • Flash photography and videotaping are not allowed during our show as this is dangerous to our dancers and can obstruct the view of other audience members.  A professional HD video download of our show is included in your performance fee and class / individual photos will be taken on Sunday, April 21st in Studio B. A complete schedule of designated class times will be emailed, posted at the studio and on our website.

Studio Rehearsal:

  • Our studio rehearsal for mini, junior and teen recreational classes will be on Wednesday, June 12th at 5pm in Studio A.  Please have your dancer wear dance clothes and proper footwear.  We will rehearse youngest to oldest and dancers may leave when they have finished their numbers. We will also rehearse opening number and parent dances. There is no studio rehearsal for Twirl & Tumble, Pre-Dance, Pre Hip Hop, Pre Acro and Competition classes.

Dress Rehearsal:

  • Our mandatory dress rehearsal will be held on Thursday, June 13th at 5pm for dancers in the morning show and Friday, June 14th 5 pm for dancers in the pm show. Both dress rehearsals will begin promptly and at Iroquois Middle.  All students should wear their costume and be in complete hair and make-up. YOU MUST BE ON TIME. We will start with the finale so classes may leave when they are done. We will rehearse each dance in the order of our show.


  • Tickets will go on sale beginning Thursday, June 1st at 10am.  The cost is $14 per ticket plus a credit card processing fee.  Tickets can only be purchased online via  . Tickets are not available for sale at the studio or at the theater the day of the show.  Your ticket will indicate your assigned seat for each show.

Performance Fee:

  • The performance fee of $85 per family will be processed on April 15th.  This fee covers the cost of our auditorium, audio/visual and staging expenses. It does not include tickets to the show.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • A limited number of parent volunteers are needed. Parents that are interested are welcome to help backstage during the show and will receive a free ticket to the alternate show.

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