Special Events

Buffalo Dance Center prides itself on offering workshops, dance camps, and special events throughout the year making dance accessible to everyone.

Whether you have a young child not ready to make a long-term commitment or are an adult looking to try something new, our classes offer flexibility and variety to get you dancing whenever it’s convenient for you.


Make her Birthday Wishes Come True!

Ballerina Princess or Hip Hop Pop Star Parties at Buffalo Dance Center

Our 1.5 hour party package includes:

  • 45 minute dance class with games and activities
  • Table and chairs for gift opening and your refreshments
  • Plates, napkins, balloons, and candles
  • Dress up attire and fun makeovers
  • All set up and clean for the event
  • A special gift for the birthday child

Pricing: $200 for up to 10 children. $12 for each additional child.

Brownie Dance Badge at BDC

How Our Program Works:

Step 1: Warm Up!

We’ll get the party started by leading your group in a series of cardio movements, isolations and stretches.

Step 2: Learn New Moves

Your Dancers will be introduced to basic dance movements in the styles of ballet and jazz. We’ll also have some fun exploring popular fad dances.

Step 3: Take To The Floor

Here we’ll discuss proper dance posture, stage directions, how to give your best performance and how to curtain call like a pro.

Step 4: Create A Dance & Show Your Moves

Dancers will have an opportunity to work together in small groups to practice what they have learned by creating mini dances to perform for the group!

Call us at 716.901.4263 to schedule your event! Our hour long programs is just $5 per person and can accommodate up to 25 dancers at our Elma Plaza Studio.