Dance Workshops & Classes

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Dance With Me!

Our new music and movement program for 18 month – 3 year olds is focused on motor skill development, coordination, balance, rhythm, and social skills for your little one. The class introduces creative movement, musicality, dance, fitness, tumbling and yoga by our team of playful professionals. Children will enjoy the balance of structured learning and creative movement with instruments, scarves and much more. Our friendly, fun-focused class atmosphere ensures the best experience for your little one!

Twirl & Tumble

A 45-minute class for dancers 2.5 – 4 years old designed to encourage motor skill development while introducing movement and rhythm.  Class instruction includes basic ballet movements and tumbling with an emphasis on creativity and expression in a nurturing environment. We utilize the Once Upon a Ballet curriculum to inspire our dancer’s imagination with fun, playful classes. 

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Click HereTwirl & TumbleMonday5:00pm-5:45pm2.5 – 409/11/2023
Click HereTwirl & TumbleSaturday9:00am-9:45am2.5 – 409/11/2023
Click HereTwirl & TumbleWednesday 11:00am – 11:45am2.5 – 409/11/2023

Pre-Dance Combo I and II

A one-hour class in ballet and tap that introduces terminology and technique in both disciplines. Children will learn fundamental ballet movements and basic tap steps.  We utilize the Once Upon a Ballet curriculum to inspire our dancer’s imagination with the magic of fairy tale themed classes for an element of fun.  Additionally hip hop and acro classes are offered to children in the pre-dance age groups. 

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Click HerePre-Dance Combo IMonday6:00pm-7:00pm3.67 – 609/11/2023
Click HerePre-Dance Combo IWednesday5:00pm-6:00pm3.67 – 609/11/2023
Click HerePre-Dance Combo IIThursday5:00pm-6:00pm5 – 709/11/2023

Mini Combo

Instruction in ballet, tap and jazz! Dancers expand upon their ballet and tap technique and terminology learned in our pre-combo classes and are introduced to classic jazz technique. Mini Combo I classes are 1.5 hours and dancers perform one number in our recital. Mini Combo II classes are 2 hours and dancers perform two numbers.

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClasses Start
Click HerePrep TeamFriday4:30pm-6:30pm5 – 909/11/2023
Click HereMini Combo IMonday4:30pm-6:00pm6 – 909/11/2023
Click HereMini CT JazzSaturday10:00am-11:00am6 – 1009/11/2023
Click HereMini Combo IITuesday5:00pm-7:00pm7 – 1009/11/2023


Classical ballet is best known for its unique features and textures, such as turn-out, high extensions, its graceful, flowing, execution of precise movements; and its ethereal qualities. The syllabus is based on a progression of exercises from the barre to the center and across the floor, preparing the body and mind for technique that develops good placement, proper breathing, coordination, strength and grace. Classical ballet training is the basis for all dancing.

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClasses Start
Click HereJr BalletThursday5:00pm-6:00pm10 – 1209/11/2023
WaitlistBlue/Black Team Ballet – Non-PerformingMonday8:00pm-9:00pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr Pre-PointeThursday9:00pm-9:30pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr BalletThursday6:00pm-7:00pm13 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr PointeMonday9:00pm-9:45pm 13 – 18 09/11/2023


Tap dancing is an American theatrical dance distinguished by percussive footwork.  Tap is a fun style of dance that anyone can learn regardless of previous dance experience.  Tap builds strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles.  Cognitive abilities are also enhanced as tap dancers develop both mental and muscle memory.

Classes will teach the fundamentals of rhythm, coordination, technique and terminology.  A variety of music is used including Broadway, pop and jazz.  Classes consist of a warm-up, center work, across the floor movements and a choreographed combination.

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClasses Start
Click HereMini CT TapSaturday9:00am-10:00am6 – 1009/11/2023
Click HereMini TapTuesday7:00pm-8:00pm7 – 909/11/2023
Click HereWhite Team TapFriday5:00pm-6:00pm9 – 1309/11/2023
Click HereJr TapThursday6:00pm-7:00pm10 – 1209/11/2023
Click HereBlack Team TapThursday8:00pm-9:00pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereBlue Team TapThursday7:00pm-8:00pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr TapThursday5:00pm-6:00pm13 – 18 09/11/2023


Jazz is a rhythmic stylized form of dancing conceived in America and influenced by a variety of dance styles and music such as classical ballet, modern, lyrical, acro and hip-hop.  Jazz is one of the most popular styles of dance and in turn has influenced a great deal of Broadway and Hollywood choreography. Jazz is energetic, fun and gives the dancer an opportunity to showcase their individual style and originality. Benefits of jazz include increased strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination.Classes will explore traditional and stylized jazz movements. Class structure consists of a warm-up that includes stretching exercises and isolation movements, technique and terminology, leaps, jumps and turns across the floor and a choreographed combination.

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClasses Start
Click HereMini JazzMonday7:00pm-8:00pm7 – 909/11/2023
Click HereWhite Team JazzTuesday8:00pm-9:00pm9 – 1309/11/2023
Click HereJr Musical TheaterTuesday5:00pm-6:00pm10 – 1209/11/2023
Click HereBlack Team JazzMonday7:00pm-8:00pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereBlue Team JazzMonday7:00pm-8:00pm12 – 18 09/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr HeelsTuesday9:00pm-9:30pm13 – 18 09/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr JazzTuesday7:00pm-8:00pm13 – 1809/11/2023

Lyrical and Contemporary

Lyrical is a dance style that blends ballet and jazz dance. Lyrical emphasizes a strong foundation in dance technique and vocabulary. This dance style is often used to express strong emotions and the lyrics of the music serve as inspiration for movements and expressions.

Contemporary is also a style of expressive dance and combines elements of modern, jazz and ballet. Contemporary dance stress fluidity, versatility and improvisation with a strong emphasis on floorwork.

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClasses Start
Click HereMini CT LyricalWednesday5:00pm-6:00pm6 – 1009/11/2023
Click HereMini LyricalWednesday6:00pm-7:00pm7 – 909/11/2023
Click HereWhite Team LyricalMonday6:00pm-7:00pm9 – 1309/11/2023
Click HereJr LyricalTuesday6:00pm-7:00pm10 – 1209/11/2023
Click HereBlack Team ContemporaryWednesday8:00pm-9:00pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereBlack Team LyricalThursday7:00pm-8:00pm12 – 18 09/11/2023
Click HereBlue Team ContemporaryWednesday8:00pm-9:00pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereBlue Team LyricalMonday6:00pm-7:00pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr ContemporaryThursday7:00pm-8:00pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr LyricalMonday8:00pm-9:00pm13 – 1809/11/2023

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance is a broad category of urban styles including breaking, locking, popping and jazz funk. Hip hop is a powerful and energetic form of dancing. It is unique in that it allows dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities.  This hip hop class teaches musicality and coordination through isolations, across the floor movements, choreographed combinations and freestyle exercises. All music and movement is age appropriate!

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClasses Start
Click HerePre Acro/Hip Hop ComboSaturday10:00am-11:00am4 – 609/11/2023
Click HerePre Hip Hop – TuesTuesday6:00pm-6:45pm4 – 609/11/2023
Click HereMini CT Hip HopSaturday11:00am-12:00pm6 – 1009/11/2023
Click HereMini Hip HopWednesday5:00pm-6:00pm6 – 909/11/2023
Click HereWhite Team Hip HopFriday4:00pm-5:00pm9 – 18 09/11/2023
Click HereBlue/Black Team Hip HopWednesday6:00pm-7:00pm10 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereJr Hip HopFriday4:00pm-5:00pm10 – 1209/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr Hip HopWednesday7:00pm-8:00pm13 – 1809/11/2023


Our instructors are certified in the art of acro dance and follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. The program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in the five areas of acro dance: flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling. See our listing as one of the first certified studios in New York state!

RegisterClassDaysTimesAgesClasses Start
Click HerePre AcroThursday6:00pm-6:45pm4 – 709/11/2023
Click HereBlue Team AcroTuesday7:00pm-8:00pm6 – 1409/11/2023
Click HereMini AcroWednesday6:00pm-7:00pm6 – 909/11/2023
Click HereWhite Team AcroWednesday4:00pm-5:00pm6 – 1409/11/2023
Click HereMini AcroTuesday5:00pm-6:00pm6.42 – 909/11/2023
Click HereJr AcroFriday5:00pm-6:00pm10 – 1209/11/2023
Click HereBlack Team AcroWednesday7:00pm-8:00pm12 – 1809/11/2023
Click HereTeen/Sr AcroThursday8:00pm-9:00pm13 – 1809/11/2023