From her first twirl to her final bow, it’s our privilege and responsibility to provide every dancer with professional instruction and the personal attention necessary to reach his or her full potential in dance. We pride ourselves on teaching more than steps. Our dancers also benefit from learning life skills such as creativity, confidence, focus, accountability and perseverance.


Must have integrity, strong work ethic and excellent communication and leadership skills. Demonstrable skills and knowledge of dance vocabulary and technique are essential. The ability to effectively lead, supervise and act as a role model to children is also required.


  1. Resource: Develop and execute weekly lesson plans that aim to inspire confidence, creativity and a love of dance while growing students’ technical skills, artistry and dance vocabulary.
  2. Relationship Builder: Create a warm, safe and encouraging learning environment consistent with BDC standards and interact with students, parents and co-workers in a professional and friendly manner.
  3. Mentor: Accurately and thoughtfully provide on-going guidance and support to students by offering verbal and hands-on corrections, skill level assessments, class recommendations, on-going recognition for progress and accountability for student etiquette and development.
  4. Lifelong Learner: Further develop skills and stay current with industry trends by taking the initiative to attend trainings and/or workshops, reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, ect.
  5. Studio Supporter: Act as a studio ambassador in the community, attend staff meetings, maintain studio and equipment and carry out other duties to aid in studio operations.


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